Illustrating Digital Legacy

Every time we create, download, use or share data our computers and devices are using electricity which all contributes to global warming. But what about the impact of the data we no longer need?

About this artwork

First of all, let me tell you how cool this whole initiative was. Nexer Digital aims to inspire change through tech, encouraging us to explore the future of technology through a lens of reflection, connection and optimism — so it wasn’t all just hard work! We were given some inspiring challenges/scenarios, like looking at the sustainability of our supply chain, helping clients make greener choices or reducing our digital legacy.

I was part of the digital legacy team/challenge. We spent the day brainstorming ideas on how to reduce the environmental impact of our data after we are gone or are no longer in need of it. These drawings aim to illustrate some of those points.

I would love for more people to be able to use them! Feel free to download for your personal or commercial, environmentally-focused projects! You don’t have to credit me, but if you want you can link to my social profiles (@marmurube both on Twitter and Instagram).

⬇️ Click here to download the illustrations ⬇️



Strategic design + UX research

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